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How To Choose The Best Fabric?

Posted by Admin on March, 22, 2021

The textile fabric is the most essential part of clothing. No matter how good the seams are designed – if the dress is made with the wrong fabric, the pattern is not taken into account and looks like a catastrophe.

Picture this: you have a wonderful idea, you draw it and turn it into a pattern of sewing. The next move is to do this, however, you need the material to do it. See all about our tips on shopping for fabrics.

Pick The Right Clothing Fabric
Be thrilled to browse for fabrics from textile fabrics exporters! Mentally prepare yourself, approach the shop with a snapshot of your pattern (or hand), the colours you like, and a real sense of what it looks like in the final garment.

The sheer number and styles of products available on the show can be easily overwhelmed, but if you begin your textile adventure in mind, you will be able to simplify your time to choose your material:

● Consider The Fabric Weight
The weight of cloth is measured in GSM (grams per square meter) and it indicates how light or heavy a tissue is. Don't worry, the weight of the cloth in a shop you don't have to count. The measurement of the weight of the cloth is a way to measure the material's thickness and distinguish between thin, medium and heavy textile.

Any textiles by their groups are here (these categories may change depending on how the fabric is treated; dyeing and printing can affect the fabric weight).

● Do Your Research
It is worth researching the clothing you want to create before you even walk into the textile fabric store. Nothing is more important than to see and touch an item of clothing and appreciate the role the textile plays, and then you can understand which fabrics are trends and feel a bit more modern with your designs.

● Examine The Fabric Drape
The flag decides the movement of the cloth. In other words, rigid textiles have less clothing and more flowing cloth. Easy! But take this word carefully. The drape is often confused with weight, but two aspects influence the look of clothing.

In contrast to a cloth that is softly covered that would fold the skirt close to the neck, it is a fabric with a higher drape. For example, if you want a fluid skirt, choose a thin and well-drawn fabric, but choose a thick and rigid fabric if you want a more formal skirt.

● Test The Fabric Stretch
Extending is how far the tissue extends. Manufacturers have varying elasticities (the potential to 'rebound' cloth fibres when stretched) You must make sure that it suits according to the pattern when buying a piece of fabric with a stretch, so it will affect how the final material matches the body.

To measure the stretch of the cloth, extend 5 of the fabric over a ruler, place one end of it on a zero mark and stretch the other to the point of felting resistance. For example: if the material reaches 7.5′′, the original duration was extended by 2.5′′. This is a 50 per cent stretch.

Final Words
The choice of fabric is the first step toward weaving or purchasing a cloth. The wrong decision could lead us to a great deception – and we were there. Fortunately, normally for a garment, there is more than one "right" textile.

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